The Affects of the NOW over the FUTURE TENSE
By Royall, Allah in Person
In spite of progress made by the Messenger which was backed up by Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad; the so-called American Muslim that learned about Islam through the Messenger is more spookier than the Christians. The time it took Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad to teach the Message to Elijah and to see clear evidence of said teaching; took a period of 30 something years. It took Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad 3 and ˝ years to teach him. Then the Messenger ran for seven years before he believed or accepted the teachings. So this leaves 30 something years of the Messenger trying to make manifest what he had been taught.

The essence of the Message was to prepare the so-called American Negro to come face to face with Allah – NOT “Fard Muhammad”. However; due to spooky thinking and the influence of the NOW, has made it all but impossible to realize or to see that things are done gradually; not instantaneously. And to bear witness to the truth of it; it took the Messenger 40 something years to produce clear evidence of the Message. And; that was just the Message and the Nation still fell.

Now Allah Himself, Named Royall has accomplished a more stable reality than the Nation developed from the Message. However the opposition to Allah supersedes that of the Messenger because it is mostly coming from the ones who say they love the Messenger and the Message. Although all evidence proves that this is the end; time has ran out for teaching without doing.

Minister Louis – the enchanter – has tricked the Blackman with his bright and shiny trinkets. Paralyzing the Blackman’s attention from seeing or preparing for tomorrow - meanwhile presenting the same old mystery God under the name of Fard or Allah; while producing nothing but stagnation. However, a Nation IS being built - Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

Because of the Time; in order to be saved, one must volunteer themselves or submit to freely accept Allah and His Reality so as to be prepared for the future which we have not yet lived. And remember; there is clear evidence that the Message or the Messenger was not enough. If it were; Allah would not have instructed the Messenger to tell the Blackman that He loves him and to fly to Him overnight.

Think over these few words and see if you can find the right in them which should be very easy since we are living this.

Royall, Allah

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