The End – By Royall, The Father of the Late Moreen
October 15, 2008
No loving or caring parent is thrilled about the death of their child. Usually said event brings trauma to the parents and family. However, in this particular case involving the death of my daughter Moreen, the act of death was more than justified. To the intelligent, death is known as a mercy- so it is with the death of my daughter Moreen. More than often the behavior of such a wicked person is allowed to live to see their error. With Moreen that is not the case; for the mere fact that she was thoroughly taught, protected and raised in the knowledge of the truth of the past, present and future. And, because of the influence of her Mother constantly gravitating back to an anti-relationship with her Father; gave her the false sense of power to come against her Father knowing that she could not have gained the kind of knowledge that she possessed from no one else.

The foul, disrespect of making her venom public on a consistent basis, being a magnet to those who are easily lead in the wrong direction; gave her the false sense of thinking her tricks on the ignorant was working. No sane child after being taught the truth and the method of it would ever show such a disrespect to their biological teacher (Father). There is a warning in prophecy concerning such behavior and it reads as such; “Honor your Mother and Father so that your days may be lengthened on this Earth”.

There is more than enough documented proof on the farrakahn-factor, moderated by Jason C. Muhammad; web name “GodSon” that bears witness to said magnetism. However the key component of this treason from daughter to Father - in this case is “Moreen”. However, there are quite a few like minds that openly agreed with her just to name a few:

1. Said moderator of the farrakhan-factor.
2. Kevin Ali, of Charlotte, NC.
3. Rashid of Los Angeles, CA.
4. 4realsister of Wichita, KS.
5. Alexander - former minister of Vacherie, LA.

These are just a few that worked diligently to aid her. This divine activity that I and those that are with me - that are currently involved in - must not and cannot be allowed to experience failure. So whatever force in the form of opposition will experience no victory in the face of this power.

Each person that participated in magnifying her seemingly power to come against this and win; your mercy is to check this again and you may find that no one has a right to take your life through ignorant force that you display against Allah. Everyone that is standing in the way of the rise of the righteous should move out of the way or be removed. So remember these couple of warnings. You cannot fight against Allah and win. Also, whatever Allah gives you; no one can keep it from you. And, whatever He denies you of; no one can give it to you – even your own life.

To those of you that are expressing any degree of Mourning is showing your level of understanding or the lack of it. Caution; make sure that you do not find yourself practicing the ways of the traitor. For more on this subject, read from The Center Page Vol. 1 – “Death” page 23 and "Treason" page 160; and see if that is what you want to be a part of.

Royall, Allah

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