The Application of Judgment
By Royall, Allah
Before Judgment can be applied, the reason for it must be experienced. There are two major reasons for Judgment. The first is to clear or to free and the other is to bind or restrict ones movement to the point of taking a life. It is now time that I Royall, Allah begin the practice of Judging because time does not permit for anymore elementary teaching or acceptance of Judgment from the ignorant.

I have shared knowledge that no one would or could share with you and since we are at war with Satan, the time has been given for one to make his choice to be with Allah or Satan and since knowledge has been brought to you by Me; not sent; brought - and your response to it, at least those on the farrakhanfactor, are trying their best to make what is pure – filthy. Showing their approval of Satan and their hate for Allah. If I only presented that which is common, that would prove to be no knowledge that would cause you to advance.

We do know the character of Satan is secrecy and the Nature of Allah is Freedom and we have given secrecy thousands of years to rule. So much so that Kevin and Rashid of Los Angeles and others make fun of the knowledge that is freely shared - for an example, the Ant and Its Purpose. Satan never told them what it is for, nor did he give them knowledge of the Bee or the Mole People or the Black Ant, nor has Satan shared with them the activity of the Hollow Earth and moreover, nor has he shared with them the understanding of Master Fard Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad, Farrakhan, Silis, Wallace or Me and even themselves. Instead, you all are completely satisfied with being ignorant of the obvious.

Because of you all’s ignorance, you are completely oblivious to the Time; giving Satan the appearance of winning over Allah. The time for that appearance is OVER. All of Nature is rejoicing over my arrival; except a few of those who I came for. It would make a big difference if a positive inquiry was put in place concerning the knowledge that I share so that you could get the full understanding and reap the power from it. To be able to speak or communicate with the lower forms of life would not allow you to reach the full gratification of the power of Allah. If the higher form of Creation (Man) is unwilling to see and be elevated; speaking to the birds, bees and ants and other creepy crawling things; speaking to the wind etc. is a form of robbing one of his full potential.

So, since it is my duty to free the earth and its inhabitants from the influence of Satan and all those who care to work for him, individuals such as Rashid has got to go – why because he will not change regardless to clear evidence and his behavior is causing others to think and express themselves in a dangerous manner because of his willful ignorance. A clear example was given to you all by the expiration of Moreen, my daughter and I deal with my own first, so that has taken place. And for those of you who want to carry on the same practice, you will find yourself in the same kind of situation.
Her employer Mr. Satan and his helpers Jason C. Muhammad, Kevin Ali, and a few others that worked so diligently to make her successful in bringing down her Father – it backfired; with all of that help. So to make it crystal clear, no one who is engaged in that practice against me and the time of what must be done, will be successful.

It is Judgment Time and you are being Judged on your acceptance or refusal of the knowledge and opportunity that has been offered to you. There are many, many ways to exercise this Judgment. However to the rebellious, your sentence may be unbearable and no one will be able to help you like you all could not help Moreen – only in hastening her Judgment. The time for you all thinking that I, Royall have to accept your continuous flow of abuses is over and this is not a warning. This is a matter of fact of what I am putting into motion and employing. You all have been so careless in your Judgment concerning Me, so now it is your turn in being Judged. And Remember, my people lose their life for the lack of knowledge after knowledge had been sent to them; in this case brought to them. So they will not live to see the hereafter or to participate in it.

So Rashid, this is not for you. Your fate is sealed. This is for the ones who think that you have some kind of influence or power. The spell must be broken. To those of you all who read this; don’t get yourself all emotional in a negative way because I am being who I am. The question is; are you?

Royall, Allah

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