By Royall, Allah
November 10, 2008
In order to be successful in this very trying time we must realize who and what we are at war with. We are such a people that have given up our ability to see tomorrow because of being obedient to Allah in allowing the enemy of Truth to rule. This submission has caused we, the people of God, to be our worst enemy, refusing to see tomorrow and stopping our children, blinding them to the point of non-recognition as being rulers or even to be civilized human beings.

So, our task is extremely difficult in turning this scenario around which brings me to the point of reviewing the laws and principles of the Creator and the Creation.

This reflection is featuring the FIFTH one in the set, because we can easily see that it keeps Allah First, which reads as follows:

God either does a thing, or permits it to be done.

This Law ensures that which is being done is from Allah, or approved by Him causing the participants -- especially if he be one of the righteous -- to know he, or they, are being backed up by The Supreme power that causes things to be or not to be, which brings us to the point of this writing.

The battle that I and those that are with Me are engaged in is a formula that, if followed, is fail-proof, or you will find it to be fail-proof. The majority of us are laboring under the idea that we are engaged in this battle that has just recently started. The level of the recognized intelligence concerning said above will determine how one views victory in the outcome of this war.

When we consider that there is no such thing as "coincidence" -- for the righteous -- simply because Allah Himself has been in a tug of war for trillions of years, so most certainly He is most qualified to determine a course of victory or defeat. Because of his prior history and authority over Creation. This battle or war has now reached its final days, and victory for the righteous most certainly will be realized by them. The grafted enemy, the Caucasian white man, is losing his ability to be a tactical reflection of Satan. There is a strong appearance that our own people utilizing the power of our own Nature, have taken over the position of the open enemy -- that they can do a better job and be more successful than the made-man at representing Satan.

Before now, because of allowing certain things to manifest it always appeared that Allah was somewhat weaker than His enemy. This process was utilized to separate the wheat from the tare. Now there is a clear, decisive people that Allah Himself will work for, to the point that all on-lookers will know that Allah is doing this -- not permitting it to be done -- BIG DIFFERENCE.

Remember, there is a time and place for everything and The Time has arrived that Allah will permit nothing to be done if it is not His Will. We have had the example of Satan and the devil -- now it is Allah's turn for you to see Him and the Angels. Do not be confused to think that the enemy of Allah (the grafted people) will be considered to live in such perfect union. That will not happen because of the weakness in their nature. Remember Revelation, Chapter 21. In Allah's full reign there will be no death. Think over that, and position yourself for such a great experience (Life).

Royall, Allah

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Out of the Laws and Principles of Allah

(A Set of Guidelines which are often overlooked)
(A set of guidelines which are often overlooked)