The Door Has All But Closed
By Royall, Allah
December 3, 2008
The Duty of Allah in bringing in a change is first to send a Messenger to alert the people of the impending change, then, after that has been accomplished, He, Himself, has to come and prepare a way for the people to accept the change if they are to be saved and be in accord with being saved.
 One of the most frustrating experiences that Allah endures is the open, disrespectful hate of the change from the ignorant after there is no justified reason to remain ignorant. For example, there was a small showing of Real Love to Black muslim counsel after his proclaiming to be so informed and intelligent about the knowledge of Allah. The identifying terms that were used to express what was done for him such as Satanic demons, "crawl-ins", "one of his past lives" -- and the power of removing them -- gave him a rush of peace which he never denied. However, he never inquired about the terms that were used to express what was causing his present condition. If there was any disbelief there should have been a process of CHECKING. The questions were never asked -- from him or anyone else -- "what is a 'clearing' "? "Why me?" "What is a Satanic attachment?" "What is a crawl-in"? "How do I know what he did in his past life?"

These are just a few things to show the hypocrisy of the so-called Muslims. No inquiry, because they fear change. This particular occurrence with Black muslim counsel took place as a last-ditch effort to delay the closing of the door. For the many years that the door of Salvation has been opened -- made possible By Royall, Allah -- it is now closing. However while it was open, any and all people were invited -- now that rhythm of Mercy has come to an end. To enter now, one will have to come and knock -- to let themselves be known that they are at the door -- and it is highly possible that entry will be denied based on the requirements that one must have to enter the home of the Righteous.

For those that are slow thinkers: the leader of the Nation of Islam, using the home that is supposed to represent the Seat of Authority for the Blackman, 100% of his followers -- and the Blackman period -- can see the home, however 99.9% cannot enter, and that practice is still carried on by our open enemy; the door to the White House is forever closed to the majority of the people -- you have to be invited or be given permission to get in.

The time is extremely serious whether you know it or not. However Allah most certainly knows and He is not to delay experiencing pleasure from His handiwork because of the ignorant refusal of the so-called Black Man to accept his own. Those of you that remember the teaching from The Messenger, it was told to him by Allah, 'if no one else comes, I will take you Elijah, and let's go.'

I do know that you all have the freedom to accept or reject it. However, there is a reward or a penalty depending on which one you choose to do.

Royall, Allah
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