Matters of Grave Concern
By Royall, Allah in Person
June 5, 2009
This post is being written because of the grave concerns of the different Universes. What is to be expressed here is to and for the ushering in of Perfection as the Original Allah would have it to be. Because of the many years of agonizing difficulties, the Original Allah has found the perfect formula that will produce said Perfection. However, there must be a willingness from the different life forms to submit and respond to this Will of Perfection in order to achieve said goal.

The time is so critical that life as it is known to be is all but being destroyed by the enemy of Allah (who is the Author of Life). The Universe that this post is being written in is the Universe with the bright star (the Sun). This particular Solar System and Universe that is being spoken of has begun to experience the harmony of bringing in perfection and the elimination of imperfection.

The term Original Allah is utilized here in this writing so all life forms will know the origin of it's beginning and He that is the Creator and Master of it. To some life forms this is yet to be known. In such case, it will benefit you greatly to diligently seek this out so the transition from error to perfection can be achieved.

I Royall and the Original Allah have already begun to correct, and or stabilize, the necessities of life in the different Universes. I, with the permission of the Original Allah, will apply my knowledge and power to aid in this process until said objective (Perfection) is achieved. Because of my duty to the Original Allah, I will be meeting with several life forms from each Universe to ensure the needed transition.

We are most certainly aware of your numerous difficulties so rest assured each and every one of the difficulties will be corrected or eliminated. Life will be as it has never been before. In this world's language, “free from sin and drive for perpetual perfection.” More will be added to this communication as needed.

Royall, The Servant of The Original Allah.

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