The Promise Keeper
By Royall, Allah in Person
April 1, 2010
The very condition that brings about a need for a promise stems from a want which originally was experienced by the Original Allah first. In the beginning, all wants by Allah were being fulfilled by Him. As he grew and began the process of multiplying Himself, the need for promises was born. After life was developed it took on a rhythm of it’s own, constantly having the need for the attention of its Creator for the purpose of magnifying its existence, giving definite meaning to the term -- “for surely Allah thou art praised and magnified”.

In order to continually stimulate life in a forward motion, promises were and are utilized to stimulate said condition which brings us to this time in the history of creation. The nature of a promise often causes the one making it experience many difficulties, such as lack of trust, magnified doubt and the recipient of negative energy directed to the promiser from those that are to receive the positive energy from the promise. Such behavior places one outside of the reality of what is promised. There are a few promises that are written in the form of scriptures which the Original Allah has updated the process by producing a Messenger that spoke promises from the tongue which many of us in this lifetime will experience or bear witness to. The greatest promise that the Original Allah has made is making life a perfect experience in the absence of an opponent.

This promise is so magnified in its conception that it has to be brought on in stages just to accommodate belief in a positive manner. Today the Original Allah Himself is present, the Author of promise and it appears as though, only a handful of people will live to reap the rewards of His presence. Remember, those of you (us), that are in the bosom of Allah’s promises must remember not to cause discomfort or irritation in such a divine place (UNOI). This requires study and patience to reach the fullness of “a program formed for us” – promise.

All praises are due to the Original Allah for his abundant patience in producing such a seemingly small reward for Himself (the few of us in the UNOI).

Royall, Allah in Person

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