Master a Being
(The Solution)
By Royall, Allah in Person
April 8, 2010
There are many things that may entertain a active mind, that may encourage the reality of the limitless possibilities of a circle. This fact is seldom thought of in these terms. The configuration of a completed circle is self rewarding. All basic things has at its beginning the circle or a zero. This configuration confirms the possibility of producing perfection. Because of the availability of perfection, Allah can finally reward Himself with freedom and the justification to destroy that which opposes said possibility. The zero within itself, represents perfection. It always makes the ending complement the beginning to the degree of being unable to determine its beginning or ending.

The nature of everything found in the zero cannot escape the circle until it fully understands what makes the circle complete. This set of formulas is what Allah is implementing in His continuous creating. There are a few of us original men that have become aware of said process. This awareness is rewarding by never having to be alone ever again which justifies the statement that “soon no man will speak of God because all men will be God”. No longer will the silent killer prevail due to loneliness. Because of the giving nature of the Original Allah, all things that contribute to perfection will be possible. Remember, there is no greater reward than knowing everything is going your way in peace and harmony. So, the readers of the solution of time be sure to position yourself to be blessed in such a great manner.

Royall, Allah In Person

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