The Body of Allah
By Royall, Allah in Person
This particular solution and its inquiry will be short because of the nature of its quest.

Question: If Allah requested a body as we know it, how must the body be prepared? Keeping in mind that the Original Allah submits to nothing or no one -- therefore leaving no room for limitations or restrictions that the body would impose upon Him.

What kind of body? And who would produce said body that composes of matter without limitations?

These questions posed here do have answers. If prayers are truly answered, this is a reality worth praying for due to the fact that whatever happens, Allah does it first and then others may receive such a marvelous, glorious reward if their behavior warrants it. The readers of this solution of time should ask themselves; how can this be done, which will lead to a stimulation of brain function releasing knowledge that has been tucked away. The reality of this possibility has already been calculated to its perfection. I hope these few words give your brain a tease like the female in the teasing of her hair. Remember, everything has to be provable. No spookism! Now Blackman go to work on this problem. (Smile)

Royall, Allah In Person

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