The Final Decision
By The Allahs
This is an event that is brought about for one’s safety or longevity or Life. This particular decision will determine whether one lives or dies, because of the importance of this particular time, everyone that has been or that is with Me in bringing about this particular event -- The Final Decision -- must make it now. This will ensure that you live forever as what has been promised to you and I through scripture by the Scientists and the Lord Himself -- not Allah, the Lord.

There is no greater existence to work for than to have it with the Creator of Life itself. It, in short, will stop you from ever experiencing death, which is not in no one’s favor unless it is to give another opportunity -- or, in this world “the chance to start over again”. Since this is final, that opportunity has now passed, there will be no more “again”. It is to be IS -- and that is it! For those of you that listen to this or even read it, the outcome of what you will experience will be on you.

The Original Allah and all of the Hierarchy are lovers and masters and producers of life because they magnify it. Like a son does for his Father, multiplies the seed of his father, so it is with the Hierarchy with Allah. So whatever decision you make, be sure you have done the proper research to make sure there is no fallacy in your decision, and be ready to live the decision, because there will be no other opportunity to make or change it. Out of the Mercy of Allah, this will be the final reason for mercy. If your decision is right and accurate and correct you will never, ever need mercy again. So Allah will not be employed to do something that Allah is not really in agreement with, so whatever decision you make, the biggest decision is that you live with it, because it is final.

I hope this is enough for you to operate on because it is coming to you from the Allahs.


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June 27, 2010