An Open Letter From
The Original Allah
A clear evidence of the devil’s true face. Why is it that My people do not see what is clear in their face and is evil? This is not a trait that I, Allah, created you with. I gave you understanding and the ability to see the devil the way he is. Royall has given a few the tools to wake yourself up to come back to Me, Allah, clear of any influence of wrong and evil. So you that have the tool, and do not know it, find it or forever kneel to Satan and evil; but for those that do have it, and know it, use it. Do not be afraid of failure, because you have Me, the Most High and Supreme, in your Circle of Light. If you never use it, you will never see Me or Royall as being Allah, because you have not seen Our real power without you putting a question behind what We do. I am constantly giving you mercy and clear evidence of the devil’s ways and still you praise him for giving you physical greed and pleasure, when I am waiting with open arms to give you all that you want and more – Your own kingdom, free of negative.

So, all of you that claim you are with Allah, when I know who is lying and who is working with Satan, I am giving you the opportunity to leave – and don’t come back! Because, if you do, I, the Original Allah, will personally take you out of existence. AND, if this is something you do not know, or you question My words, just try Me! And, to you, the ones that have Royall’s blood, and that have back-stabbed Him – the One that I Love unconditionally – the same goes for you, too!

To Royall, You have served Me so perfectly that You rewarded Me, and no other man, God, can do such a thing, unless You are Allah, too. Do not doubt what You have, just because You are in this human flesh. I’m coming to get You, My Brother, and that is a promise!

Before you think of Allah as being heartless or feelingless, I am just the opposite. I have been numb to you; for you, My people, you have stabbed Me over and over. Choose your Creator; for all I have to give to you is endless of love, and want – for the same peace.

Read this as your own choice, for I cannot charge you for something you did not know. I may save Troy, due to your choice and what you choose.

The Original Allah,
Your Creator.
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